Features of ESI Scholer GZ Mine SIte Incinerators

Supplier: ESI Scholer By: Neal Scholer - ESI Scholer
07 March, 2021

ESI/Scholer Manufacture and Supply a “Unique Design” incinerator, for the safe and effective destruction of Cyanide waste, generated through gold and other mining operations.

A “One of a kind“, fork loading, rail-mounted Trolley, can load 1 to 4 Cyanide boxes/ IBC’s at a time into the main furnace chamber, lower to release the load and reverse the fork trolley, before closing and locking the main loading door.

The Fork Trolley can be supplied for manual operation or electrically driven with a brake gear motor for forward and reverse. The fork trolley is lowered by a hydraulic cylinder.

Following the completion of a burn cycle, when the unit has cooled allowing the load door to be opened, the fork trolley can re-enter the primary combustion chamber and remove the IBC frames. These can be re-used again and the de-asher connected to the fork trolley, removes the ash as the trolley reverses, depositing the ash into an ash box positioned at the front of the unit.

Many different types of waste may be loaded into the boxes, IBC’s such as cyanide bags, hydrocarbon waste, tires, kitchen waste, general waste, timber, and medical waste. 

Operator Safety and Ease of Operation is guaranteed with this well thought out, proven,  loading design.


Fork loading trolley:                 

Heavy-duty steel fabricated and rail-mounted trolley is provided for waste loading either cyanide boxes or cages to the primary chamber. Once loaded, the trolley is pushed into the primary chamber, the fork trolley is lowered by a hydraulic cylinder, the trolley removed, and the door closed.

At the end of the cooling cycle, the door is opened, and the trolley inserted to retrieve the cages. Loose waste can be loaded manually into cages or directly to near fill the primary chamber. The rail system is delivered fully assembled with base sleepers and fixing onto a concrete slab.

The loading system can be operated manually. A self-contained electric drive for forward and reverse as well as a ball screw for up and down is offered as an option. This incorporates a brake gear motor drive on the trolley and cabling contained in an energy chain fitted within the rail system. A push-button station to drive the trolley and lift would be located at the container door adjacent to the incinerator front.