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SafeSmart Access

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SafeSmart Access

SafeSmart Access is an Australian-based manufacturer and importer of specialist access equipment, delivering worldwide.

Our authority in the space is built on many years of being one of Australia's first-choice height access companies, paired with an in-house design team who come up with innovations that help contractors carry out jobs more efficiently and safely at height. We help all industries work safely at height, and via our specialised divisions--SafeSmart Aviation and SafeSmart Scaffolding--we offer the construction and aviation industries more industry-specific consultation and product designs: and

With an ever-expanding global reach, SafeSmart are dedicated to the improvement of workplace safety standards through the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art mobile work platforms and mobile scaffolding systems.

Since 2007, SafeSmart Access has been delivering market-leading height access solutions to the retail, industrial, construction, mining and government industries in Australia.

Our Products – From extension ladders and portable stairs to mobile work platforms and mobile scaffolding, all of our products are designed for safety, durability and efficiency.

The Process – For custom designs suited to unique requirements, we have a streamlined process that will ensure every customer gets exactly the system they need.

Health and Safety – With a team that refuses to compromise on quality, SafeSmart Access manufactures innovative equipment that will improve how you operate.

Advice – Get the expert advice you need before selecting from our mobile work platforms, mobile scaffolding or any other product your project requires.

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From our In-house design team to our production and independent certification procedures, our can-do attitude allows us to work closely with you to solve your need and streamline your own workplace efficiently; subsequently improving your safety standards and reducing environmental hazards.

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