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Scantech International

Scantech International | Real Time Analysis of Bulk Conveyed Materials

Scantech International

Scantech is the world leader in the application of on-line real-time measurement technologies for bulk materials. Scantech has over 1,000 analysers installed in 55 countries. Founded in 1981, the company has grown from a small private company based in South Australia to a successful public enterprise with an international business focus.

The platform for the company's early success was the commercialisation of scientific instrumentation developed by the CSIRO and the University of Queensland, resulting in the highly successful COALSCAN range of real time coal analysers. Since that time, new technologies have been developed using in-house R&D resources, whilst continuing to seek suitable technologies from external sources.

The company has developed and implemented a Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008 BV Certified), assuring its customers of quality, safety and reliability of its products, production processes and services.

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Every minute counts in process control. Real time analysers optimise process control to extend the life of the resource, improve consistency of product quality, improve process recovery and increase your bottom line. Scantech customises its solutions and provides performance guarantees. Equipment is supplied with remote access and that reduces reliance on site resources. Product Support Agreements are also customised to ensure long, reliable, accurate performance of our analysers.

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