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Shelving Clips

Supplier: SpeedRack

SpeedRack has a large range of Shelving Clips available.

Price Guide: POA

Speedrack's have specially designed 3 clips with greater strength to accommodate a larger range of shelves.

Speedrack's Channel Clip has been designed to suit Brownbuilt Channel and Steelbilt S’type, allowing both a Brownbuilt or Steelbilt heavy duty shelves to be used in either system.

Speedrack's Magi Clip has also been specially designed to fit all brands of Rolled Edge shelving. Its special "v"shape design allows it to be easily inserted into any upright.

Speedrack's have also created a clip for heavy duty shelves to fit into RUT Shelving.

Speedrack's also have a large range of other clips in stock, including:

  • Brownbuilt safety clip
  • Dexion safety clip
  • Brownbuilt unichannel
  • Angle Gusset
  • Dexion foot for angle
  • Acrow Shelving Clip
  • Dexion Impex Clips
  • Brownbuilt Channel Clip
  • Handy Angle Clip
  • Steelbilt light duty RUT Clip
  • Steelbilt heavy duty RUT Clip
  • GP RUT Clip
  • Steelbilt heavy duty angle Clip
  • Steelbilt Heavy duty ROH Clip
  • Dexion Angle Clip
  • Brownbuilt Heavy duty RUT Clip
  • Namco cupboard clip
  • Dexion Light duty RUT clip
  • Dexion Plan D Clip
  • Steelbilt Light duty RUT Clip