Signet's Own - adding even more value

Supplier: Signet
16 August, 2013

The Signet's Own brand is known for the large range of low cost products available across a number of in-demand categories.

Each product is produced to the same high quality as leading brands 3M, Tesa, Kleenex , Tork and Scott.

With the launch of the latest Buyers Guide, Signet have added to the range of Signet’s Own across multiple industries, giving customers even more products and value to choose from.

New products include:

  • Vinyl examination gloves; both powdered and powder free
  • 3” core bundling film and dispenser
  • Compact Jumbo Toilet Tissue
  • Centrefeed Towel

Vinyl examination gloves are made from high quality PVC, ideal for those with latex skin sensitivities and allergies. Gloves are ideal for many industries, including food service as they are highly economical and easily disposed of due to the roll beaded cuff design. These gloves save both time and money, with bulk buys available for large volume users. Powder free or powdered options are available and gloves come in a range of sizes.

The Signet's Own 3” Bundling film is very similar to the well known 50mm core bundling film. The excellent sticking qualities, pallet stabilising benefits and versatility customers see in the traditional smaller sized rolls are now also available in this larger size. Bundling film is ideal for a range of materials including tile, wood, plastic, cartons and parts.

Signet’s Own have also expanded the popular Cleaning and Janitorial category, adding a Compact Jumbo Toilet Roll and Centrefeed Towel. Produced to match the quality of the well known brand Tork, both items provide the same excellent quality and lower cost customers have come to expect. The Centrefeed towel is packaged in quantities of six and the Compact Jumbo Toilet Tissue is packaged in quantities of eight. Bulk buy pricing is also available for large volume users.

Whether you are looking for gloves, stretch film or cleaning products Signet has every need covered. For further information on any new or existing products email enquires to [email protected] or phone 13 74 46 to speak to the Signet Customer Service team.