Signode launches world first! All electric timber press

Signode offer you the opportunity to improve your carbon footprint and save cost while improving production efficiency. The new LPE and SPE timber press strapping machines eliminate hydraulics.


Over 100 years of global packaging experience, global strength and R&D with local knowledge have all come together for another world first by Signode!

Products supplied by Signode provide critical protection in transit to high volume high value goods.  From this was born the phrase, OUR BRANDS PROTECT YOUR BRAND.  Signode provide a range of tools and equipment to suit individual customer needs with corresponding quality consumables to match each application, from steel, PET and PP strap to Angleboard edge protection, stretch film, Logo Tape and many more.  Engineering and long term product support with local Signode staff offering preventative maintenance ensures high reliability and speed of process at the lowest cost.

Another world first by Signode! 

We are proud to be launching our new LPE Range, Heavy Duty Press for sawn lumber with top/side compression of up to 7,5 tonnes.  Complimented by the SPE soft press for planned/tongue & grooved/mouldings etc with lower compression of 1.5 tonne side compression and 0.5 tonne top compression.  Top and bottom strap-edge-protection as well as top and bottom batten/bearers are optional.  This is the first all-electric lumber press solution in the world.  

Signode saves you time and improves your profit:

Exceptional high speed strap cycle times of under 10 seconds and when applying bottom battens a cycle time of 14 seconds is achieved.  Proven design Modular Z20 heads, well known in rugged environments including brick and timber deliver maximum uptime.  Z20 modules are removed without the use of tools and switched over in under 2 minutes - compared with opposition technology heads that weigh between 80kg to 115kg and require a crane to remove and replace them, taking at least 20 minutes to change over. 

Dispenser options paying off Jumbo or Super Jumbo rolls of either 16mm or 19mm PET strap and high capacity Batten storage ensure minimal operator interaction.  Simplicity of design extends to intuitive control through the HMI screen.  Signode’s Twin Magazine solution allows the operator to reload battens while the machine is in operation, ensuring safety through independent safety zones.   

Reduced maintenance costs:

The Z20 modular heads allow for quick exchange of heads without the use of tools in under two minutes.  This means that production continues uninterrupted while heads are serviced off-line and proven in the Test Bench before being placed on standby once more.

The all-electric design of the LPE timber press means that all the maintenance time, cost and complexity of maintaining a hydraulic system are removed.  No hydraulic pump, valves, fittings, hoses or filters to clean maintain or replace.

The LPE all electric timber press is an environmentally friendly solution:

Lower energy consumption compared with hydraulic systems reduces your CO2 footprint significantly when compared with hydraulic solutions.

No hydraulic oil changes eliminate the waste problem.  No more dripping oil to damage products and cause slip hazards, reduced energy consumption as there are no oil tanks to heat/cool, no pump to service and no more high-pressure hoses and filters to maintain. 

Signode LPE and SPE timber solutions are the answer

Removal of traditional hydraulic technology make the Signode LPE and SPE timber solutions the most environmentally friendly option in the world today and it doesn’t come at a cost!

  • Proven and tested in the field, Z20 modular heads ensure reliability
  • Fast exchange of modules in under two minutes keeps production running while modules are serviced offline.
  • High capacity bearer magazines and jumbo strap dispensers reduce operator intervention.
  • All electric solution reduces your energy costs from day one, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Significantly lower maintenance cost of an electric solution over hydraulics.
  • No risk of oil leaks that damage valuable stock and cause slip hazards

We look forward to discussing your specific needs and hope to be of service soon.  Call Signode for a no obligation evaluation at your site, across Australia & New Zealand or anywhere in the world.

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