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SmartPark Control (A division of Industrial Automation Group)

SmartPark Control (A division of Industrial Automation Group) | Total Park Management for local / state government

SmartPark Control (A division of Industrial Automation Group)

SmartPark Control provides a unique cloud based Park Management system that combines all activities related to the proper maintenance and control of parks in one multi user application.
Bringing together 10 different functions into one system provides end users with a cost effective management tool that has no equal. These are:
1) Decentralised irrigation control provides individual station control per location for up to 100 stations using either two-wire or multi-wire connectivity. These individual controllers can then connect to a cloud based SCADA system for data logging, alarming and setpoint transfers
2) Tank management and pump control using dedicated control panels for the provision of pressure and /or flow control using a combination of soft starters and VSDs
3) Fertilser and wetting agent injection systems directly connected to the irrigation controller
4) Chlorine and pH monitoring
5) Weather station inputs that can be distributed among multiple controllers to allow evapotranspiration calculations
6) Floodlight control with power monitoring displays and floodlight selection to provide sporting clubs with the ability to reduce their expenditure by using pre-paid access cards
7) Solar power standpipe control for the filling of water tankers using pr-paid or post-paid access cards
8) Electric BBQ control for the vandal prevention, faulty element detection and usage statistics
9) Asset management of all electrical equipment including costing of spares and detailed electric drawings of all equipment and installation details.
10) Display all this on PCs, tablets and smart phones using auto sizing of the data.

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Until now there has not been a system that covered all aspect of Park Management within the one control environment. As a result local councils have had different suppliers for a range of different services. This included operational aspects such as irrigation, floodlight control, water tank management, algae control, water quality control and facilities management, and higher order aspects such as asset management, cost control and user payment systems. The new SmartPark Control system brings all this together in one easy to operate system that allows multiple departments within local government to use the same environment, increasing efficiency, saving cost and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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