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Solar Oven, Box Cooker & Solar Cooker for Sale

Supplier: Rainbow Power Company

We sell a 4 pot Solar Oven or Box Cooker- comes complete with Stainless Steel pots, oven mit & cookbook on a disc.

Price Guide: POA

The Indian Company, Rohitas has been working for the past two and a half decades in improving the solar cooker range and have developed a number of innovative designs.

These solar cookers are developed to replace conventional cooking devices and overcome the hazardous effects on health of conventional cooking methods.

Tulsi Solar cookers work well in a wide range of climatic conditions. And this reflects the superior quality and brilliant performance of our Solar Cookers.

A 1 metre Solar Dish Cooker is available for cooking with a camp oven.

1 metre diameter parabolic reflector with pot stand at focal point. The total width of the pot stand is 300mm and can accommodate pots or woks of up to 250mm diameter.
This cooker comes in a kit form which can be assembled in 5 to 7 hours. This cooker can achieve temperatures of over 200°C, which is hot enough for frying foods.