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Southern Lifts

Southern Lifts, an Australian leader in the design, sale and installation of lifts. We supply lifts for all residential, club, professional and small commercial applications.
As our 21st century lifestyle changes enormously, the lift is no longer restricted to multi-story buildings or being a sign of domestic ostentation, but a vital part of design and construction.

High-density, multi-level residences are proliferating, specialist accommodation is now a significant part of the landscape, and clubs, professions and businesses recognise they must provide the appropriate facilities for members and clients.
Southern Lifts has raised the benchmark with a range of lifts, stair-lifts and dumb waiters.

At Southern Lifts based in Melbourne, we know the industry extremely well, Colin Stannard one of the companies original founders has worked in the business for many years. He observed the changes in attitude towards the lift, recognised that it was a rapidly growing sector, and established the company in 2002.

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We therefore work with our staff, distributors and customers openly and honestly, to supply the highest quality product at a fair price.
With distribution rights with quality manufacturers, and having a range of fully certified & compliant Australian made high quality vertical lifts, Southern Lifts is now expanding around the nation through a network of distributors.

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