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Splash is in the business of design, manufacture, sourcing and marketing of portable structures solutions. We are known throughout the Pacific for our Australian made dome shaped arch structures and other portable, temporary and/or permanent building solutions. Our specialty is arch shaped fabric structures and industrial strength marquees which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, up to a whopping 60 meters wide.

Many businesses are turning to fabric structures and arch shelters as a semi-permanent building solution. They are cost effective, look and feel great and can be moved without too much fuss at any time in the future.

In these days of stop start economies and increasing weather catastrophes, it has never been handier to be able to pick up your entire factory, workshop, hangar or warehouse and relocate it to a new site.

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Splash offers a range of Australian Made and Australian Certified imported shade structures. We attempt to use Australian products and materials first before securing overseas supply.

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