The new range of star screening buckets has been developed to offer a high output screening solution at an affordable price.

Working Principle

The bucket is filled in the normal manner, moved to the screening position and powered up by engaging the hammer circuit. During screening the larger fragments are retained in the bucket with the smaller fragments screened through the stars. When screening is finished the hammer circuit is turned off and the bucket moved to the tip area where the retained material is tipped out.

The star bucket has a unique screening action that rotates the material in a similar manner to a rotary / trommel bucket but has the benefit of rotating star discs agitating and clawing at the material as it turns. This is achieved by mounting star shafts on a large arc forming the back and top of the bucket.

Another unique feature of the Lloyd star screening bucket is the light weight, flexible, self cleaning, polyurethane stars.


  • The rotating and folding action within the bucket along with the flexible stars afford many benefits.
  • There are no pinch or crushing areas, resulting in low power requirement and no contamination from crushed material.
  • Flexible stars are gentle on fragile material such as roots and turf.
  • The flexible stars are self cleaning.
  • The flexible stars eliminate impact loads on the shafts, which reduces shaft weight and increases reliability.
  • The shafts are completely covered by the star elements, eliminating shaft wear and eventual replacement.
  • The polyurethane stars are an inexpensive, easily replaceable part that reduces down time.
  • The rotary action of the bucket allows complete mixing of material as it is being screened, ensuring complete separation. The bucket is screening throughout its cycle, with no time wasted stopping and reversing the shafts.
  • The shafts only operate in one direction, which reduces wear on transmission components and only requires a standard one way hammer circuit.
  • Due to the shafts rotating in one direction, the need for a drain line is eliminated.


  • Variable speed control mounted on the screening bucket gives variable fragment size.
  • Rugged construction, using the best materials for long life and reliability.
  • Interchangeable top plate for varying base machines.
  • Interchangeable shaft options for compost bucket, and star spacer options for all buckets.
  • Simple maintenance, heavy duty drives.
  • Replaceable side panels working against replaceable shaft end discs.
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