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Steel Wire Ropes

Supplier: German Plant Experience

Steel Wire Ropes and wires supplied by GPE-Australia are from Vornbäumen, Germany who have been manufacturing Wire ropes to the most modern technical specifications for more than 120 years..

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Steel Wire Ropes

GPE-Australia supplies Wire and Wire Ropes from Vornbäumen, Germany; who have been manufacturing Wire ropes to the most modern technical specifications for more than 120 years.. Vornbäumen processes more than 9,000 MT of Steel annually for Wire Ropes of varied applications.

Decades of experience in production coupled with an active insight and continual investment in modern production have positioned Vornbäumen as a leading manufacturer of steel ropes with an optimum range of products. All the products from Vornbäumen are computer optimized with the most modern technical methods available.

For your specific application our experts know what to recommend and will, if necessary, assess special situations on site. Information about our wires and ropes can be accessed 24 hours a day in the internet on the Vornbäumen website.

With Vornbäumen’s qualified staff, modern machinery, up to date transport fleet and well chosen raw materials; we are able to offer a professional solution for (almost) everything.

Safety and Quality ... .are prerequisites for Vornbäumen wire and rope. Independent of their actual later application, all Vornbäumen products adhere to the same quality specifications laid down by their extremely stringent quality control system.

Adherence to this quality control system is guaranteed by the regular inspections of Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance and the German TÜV (Technischer–Überwachungs–Verein). Vornbäumen quality control system draws also on the improvement suggestions of the floor staff thereby ensuring a continuous quality improvement program.

With qualified personal, laboratory and final control, Vornbäumen can guarantee top quality, not only in standard lines, but also down to your most individual requirements.

Vornbäumen products find varied applications especially in the following areas :

  • Wire Ropes for Mining
  • Wire Ropes for Ship Building
  • Wire Ropes for Offshore Applications
  • Wire Ropes for Hoisting
  • Wire Ropes for Elevators
  • Wire Ropes for Cable Cars
  • Wire Ropes for Construction