Stretch Film - Signet’s Essential Product Guide

Supplier: Signet By: Phyllida Yeo
05 May, 2017

Stretch film (also known as pallet wrap) is a plastic type of film that protects products and secures them to a pallet during transportation or storage.

With so many different types of films to choose from, it can be difficult when selecting the best solution for your needs.

Selecting the right film is vital to effectively protect your products and create valuable cost savings.

Pallet wrap basics

Cast hand pallet wrap and blown hand pallet wrap are the two most common types of wraps. Due to their different production processes, they have their own unique qualities.

Cast hand pallet wrap is a clear and glossy type of wrap. For businesses that require barcode scanning, cast wrap allows a variety of scanning technologies to be utilised for easy identification purposes when the pallet is in transit or storage. Compared to cast pallet wrap, the clarity of blown pallet wrap is low when it is layered. This creates a haze, which reduces the effectiveness of scanning technologies.

The wraps stretching capabilities also differ when looking at cast or blown stretch film. Cast stretch film makes minimal noise when used and has slightly more stretch than blown film. Blown film has high tact qualities, which makes it noisy to unwind, and superior puncture resistance. It is usually the preferred choice when wrapping obscure, odd shaped items.

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Applying your pallet wrap correctly

Applying your wrap correctly is vital for ensuring optimum load stability and product protection.

Depending on your chosen wrap, the amount of tension applied when wrapping the load may change, and you will need to adjust the tension accordingly. When pallet wrap isn’t applied correctly, it could:

  • Restretch, potentially allowing goods to shift while on the move
  • Increase the chance of product damage, which can create additional costs to replace and return the damaged items


To reduce the level of manual handling and limit potential injury, hand pallet wrappers or holders are ideal. If your warehouse wraps a large number of pallets and you are looking for ways to improve your packaging processes, stretch wrap machines can be used. These machines can often reduce waste and improve efficiency and safety by providing better security and consistency when wrapping pallets.

It is important to recognise when upgrading to a stretch film machine could benefit your business.

Your business’s individual needs will determine which stretch film is most suitable for you; however, there are a few key questions that should always be asked when making this decision. These questions include:

  • What are the products you are wrapping, and are there different loads or are your pallets all the same?
  • Where is the pallet going or being stored? – A speciality film or additional product, such as UV wrap or pallet caps, might be required.
  • How is the pallet being transported?
  • How long would the pallet be stored for?
  • What is the frequency and volume of pallets being wrapped?


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Wrapping things up

Choosing the right pallet wrap and application method is vital to keep your goods securely wrapped so they arrive at their end destination safely. Considering the above factors and key questions is the first step.

Signet has had many years of experience when it comes to stretch film. If you want to find out more, give Signet a call on 13 7446 or click here to visit the website today.