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Struggling to determine the difference between UHMWPE & HDPE Sheet

Supplier: Dotmar Engineering Plastics
19 October, 2010

There are many myths, miscommunications and misconceptions surrounding HDPE and UHMWPE sheets within the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Let's start by asking, do you know what grade of Polyethylene you currently use? HDPE CoPolymer, HDPE HomoPolymer, UHMWPE, Recycled UHMWPE (Regen), Pressed only UHMWPE or Pressed and Planned UHMWPE? Confused?

Each of these materials have unique properties that if not chosen correctly will cause significant detrimental impact on the life of the applications in which they are being used hence the importance of :
a) choosing the correct grade
b) ensuring that you are being sold the correct grade

This special edition Solutions newsletter will tear through the miscommunications and myths while drilling into the truth about these two brilliant and universal materials. It will also explain how to identify these materials both visually and through simple test methods that can be conducted using a 20 cent piece.