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HDPE Sheet, UHMWPE Sheet

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HDPE SHEET, PE80, PE100,UHMWPE SHEET, POLYSTOME P300, POLSTONE P7000, POLYSTONE ULTRA, POLYSTONE 7000, PACTENE,Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, Polystone Matrox, Dotmar

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Polystone HDPE & UHMWPE plastic products are from the semi-crystalline polyethylene (PE) family. The properties of PE are closely related to the length of the molecular chain (molecular weight) and the crystallinity. The longer the chain, the higher the molecular weight, the better the desired characteristics of Polystone from HD (P300) to UHMWPE (P7000).

Advantages - Polystone is very light and extremely tough. It does not absorb water, it has good sliding abrasion resistance and is self lubricating.


Key Features and Benefits : Polyehthylene HDPE & UHMWPE Products

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Very low co-efficient of friction
  • Very high surface release properties
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Very good damping properties

Applications : Polyethylene HDPE & UHMWPE Products

  • Flow promoting liners to resist sliding abrasion and assist release.
  • Conveyor components subject to high wear and requiring low friction.
  • Componentry in direct contact with food stuffs.
  • Parts subject to high impact stresses.

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