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Swinglift Australia

The SWINGLIFT® brand of container side loader products are also referred to as sideloaders; side lifters; container lifters and self-loading trailers.
The first Swinglift side loader was designed in the late 1960’s by an innovative New Zealand engineer, and Swinglift has continued building and supplying container side loader products into the Australasian and world market for over 40 years.
A Swinglift container side loader is used for container transfer and consists of the Lift Modules or cranes which are fitted to a trailer chassis or to a subframe mounted on a truck.
The Swinglift lift modules are constructed from quality and proven high tensile steel giving extreme strength.They incorporate the outstanding wide reach stabilizer leg and jibs controlled by a hydraulic system powered either from an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), or from the tractors power take off system (PTO). The lift modules slide smoothly in or out for 20’; 40’ or 45’ positions.

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Discerning operators who look for a container side loader with the greatest of stability with safety while loading heavy containers with ease and speed, from either trucks or trailers or rail wagons inevitably choose a Swinglift. Proven stability and superior design features give Swinglift fast and safe operation even under difficult conditions.
Swinglift is the ideal side loader to increase the productivity of any business whether they are a large container carrying organization, or an owner operator with only one Swinglift.
Swinglift container side loaders effectively bring the wharf or the rail siding into every shipper’s premises.

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