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Terex Cranes

Terex Cranes | The finest crane money can buy

Terex Cranes

TEREX CRANES is the largest mobile crane manufacturer in the South Pacific Rim. Our modern, purpose built manufacturing facilities are based in Brisbane.

TEREX CRANES commenced manufacturing pick and carry cranes in 1986. This new concept design has revolutionised the small crane industry by combining highway speed, off-road all-wheel drive rough terrain ability and the capability to pick and carry its own weight.

TEREX CRANES is quality assured to ISO 9001. Our engineering department utilises the latest computer technology for design and stress analysis calculations, combined with experienced, fully-trained staff. This ensures a high quality product with low maintenance costs and ease of operation.

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In 2004, Terex Cranes produced the No. 1700 crane - a great milestone in the short history of FRANNA. Currently we produce four models from 15 tonne to 25 tonne capacity.

TEREX CRANES' product support is available around the clock and provides replacement parts at competitive prices worldwide.

TEREX CRANES proudly exports cranes to markets around the globe including UK, USA, South America, India, Indonesia, South Africa, China, Vietnam, New Zealand, New Guinea etc.

At TEREX we believe that people who buy our cranes do so because they know just how reliable they are. So when you want only the finest crane money can buy - buy a TEREX crane.

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