The Ground Engaging Tools Locking Systems Program

Supplier: Cutting Edges Equipment Parts
03 November, 2011

In recent years the Cutting Edges range of teeth and adaptors has gained industry acceptance due to improved design and superior material properties resulting in greatly improved wear resistance.

The market was quick to recognise that longer life products and extended periods between maintenance, together, provide a significant reduction in operating costs.

The need for a locking system that was safer and more cost effective Cutting Edges policy of continuous product improvement and development has been focused on teeth and adaptors and the company recognised a need, throughout the industry, for an improved tooth and adaptor assembly incorporating a locking method that was both safer and more cost effective than current models available.

R&D team established

The Cutting Edges GET Locking Systems Program began in 1997. A specialised Research and Development team was given the responsibility to develop a new improved range of products, from the bucket to the tip.

Phase 1 – Dynalock

In research terms the development was rapid and in 1999 Cutting Edges launched Phase One of the Locking Systems Program - Dynalock, a revolutionary device designed to lock the intermediate adaptor to the bucket without the use of hammers or welding.

Phase 2 – Dynaclamp

Phase 2 saw the development of Dynaclamp to replace the traditional C-Clamp and hammer wedge assembly used on Whisler lip systems found on rope shovels.

Improvements in safety, productivity and cost reduction

Dynalock & Dynaclamp changed what was a very difficult and time consuming maintenance task into a simple on site process addressing the important issues of safety, productivity and cost reduction with the added benefit of reducing nose wear due to the ability to maintain tight fitment between the adaptor and the lip.

Phase 3 – R-Lock

Following a highly successful launch and a rapidly growing market share, the development team moved on to the next step in the project, a tooth retention system called R-Lock.

The R-Lock is a patented attachment system and is the next step in Cutting Edges GET Locking Systems Program providing safety and speed of operation for the fitting and removal of Quick Tips and Teeth on Draglines, Rope Shovels, Hydraulic Face Shovels and Excavators.

R-Lock’s revolutionary design focuses on and incorporates three specific features:

  • Improved Safety
    • The safety benefits of R-Lock are plain to see. No hammers and no oxy when fitting or removing tips. A special hand tool locks and opens the R-Lock in seconds.
  • Improved Performance
    • With R-Lock, changing the tip on a Dragline bucket is faster than changing a wheel on a Holden in the pits at Bathurst, and you don’t need a rattle gun. The special R-Lock installation tool is simple to operate and it takes only seconds to fit or remove a Quick Tip or Tooth. R-Lock’s patented attachment system ensures the positive retention of the tooth maximising the life of the intermediate adaptor.
  • Improved Productivity
    • Our Ground Engaging Tools range competes successfully in the international marketplace – a reflection of its quality and value for money.