The missing link in food packaging

Today’s tray packaging world is divided into Tray Sealing or Thermoforming, the first produces higher quality packs with greater flexibility.

The second option only produces value packs. G.Mondini’s Platformer is the missing link. Combining the Mondini Trave with the Mondini Platformer your packaging line becomes what could be defined as a Thermosealer... giving the best of both worlds.

Mondini, a name that delivers quality, experience and innovation in dynamic tray sealing systems continue to grow with their ground-breaking tray sealer innovation, where you can have the ability to switch from thermoformed in-line trays from a reel or premade trays at any moment in time during production, according to the needs of your business.

With the culmination of over 45 years’ experience in designing and building tray sealing systems, the TRAVE®  was created to be at the heart of any packaging system. The design and construction mean this tray sealer can handle the demands of all industrial environments, deliver secure packs with every machine cycle, ability to seal any shape and size of packaging materials on the market, and with patented Platform Technology allows for different packaging technologies to be applied in a simple modular way.

The PLATFORM Technology is a system with unequalled performance to deliver multiple packaging solutions on the TRAVE tray-sealing range. This new technology allows our customers a new freedom to seek out new business opportunities secure in the performance of the PLATFORM Technology.

Through a simple tool change you can change packaging materials, pack formats and technology including:

  • Vacuum Skin
  • Vacuum Skin DD
  • Darfresh On Tray
  • Darfresh® On Tray Protruding
  • PAPERSEAL® Slice
  • Hybric Flat 3D
  • Slicefresh®
  • Slimfresh®
  • Protruding Vacuum Skin
  • Super Protruding Vacuum Skin
  • Flex Flex Protruding
  • Flex Flex Super Protruding
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Cryovac Mirabella®
  • Protrusion Map
  • Stretch Seal
  • Map Rigid Lid
  • Blow Molded Jars
  • Zero®

With retailer and consumer demands evolving and changing on a regular basis, it can challenge suppliers to meet these new demands efficiently and timely with innovative cost effective solutions, but as you can see with the list above, Mondini’s range of fully automatic tray sealing systems deliver on reliability, efficiency and can produce a variety of new innovative packaging options including the Award Winning Paperseal.

And with features like just 2% base tray waste (lower than any other existing solution), superior loading performance (Dual lane: Simple, Efficient, Hygienic), its quick change over (less than 15 minutes to change any packaging format), exceptional pack quality (platformed pack rigidity equal top pre-made using lip forming technology) and with its attention to design detail means Trave is the most hygienic tray sealer on the market, guaranteeing customers the best possible solution.

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