The Ultimate Cooling Combo: HVLS Fans & Evaporative Coolers

HVLS Fans & Evaporative Cooling Combintation
HVLS Fans & Evaporative Cooling Combintation

Learn how to Keep Workers cool and comfortable with the ultimate cooling combination.

When used in tandem with Big Ass overhead fans, Cool Space coverage areas and cooling effects are maximised, providing comfort and energy savings throughout your facility without costly A/C use.

A Complementary Solution

For many years, HVLS fans and evaporative coolers were viewed as exclusive solutions, but in reality, the two systems can be even more effective when used in tandem. Because evaporative cooling uses a different process than elevated air speed, the two effects can be combined to maximise the cooling that occupants experience.

How it Works

Pairing Cool Space evaporative coolers with Big Ass fans’ superior airflow creates a system that is better than the sum of its already powerful parts. Cool Space’s spot-cooling lowers temperatures by as much as 18°C, while the ceiling fans’ coverage areas and ability to move massive amounts of air, helps circulate that cold air throughout the facility.


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Why Cool Space

  • Better Warranty Coverage - 5 Years standard for all models vs. the industry's typical 1 year or tiered warranties. 
  • More Robust Water Pump - Outlasts a common fail point for competitors products
  • Thicker Cooling Medium - Lasts longer and directly increases cooling effect by evaporating more heat
  • Convenient Voltage - Uses 110V Power Supply for all models while some competing units require 240V
  •  Designed for convenience, all Cool-Space models feature locking swivel casters, automatic low-water shutoff, and an easily accessible drain plug, while larger models are equipped with a GFI plug and cord wrap for safe, portable operation.
  • Variable Speed Controls  - Precisely maintain comfort settings
  • Algae-resistant Media Coating - Promotes clean, odourless cooling
  • Thermosetting Resin and UV Light Resistance - Offers durability under tough conditions.
  • Available Occupancy Sensor - Provides greater efficiency and convenience (500 Model only)


The combination of HVLS fans and evaporative coolers can be used as a cost-effective solution to reduce the number of uncomfortable hours in a facility and in turn reduce productivity loss; creating a safer work environment.



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