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ThoroughTec Simulation

ThoroughTec Simulation | Mining Simulators & Training

ThoroughTec Simulation

ThoroughTec Simulation is a supplier of both surface and underground mining simulators and a leading supplier of military simulators in its local market.

At its inception, the founders of ThoroughTec had two overarching goals: "to always build great products"; and "to only employ thoroughbreds". To this day these goals are enshrined in our outstanding staff and exceptional products. It is as a natural consequence of this philosophy that ThoroughTec has enjoyed exponential year-on-year growth.

As an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, ThoroughTec is independent, vibrant and driven, seamlessly blending a relaxed yet professional corporate culture with military grade quality assurance, configuration control and system engineering processes.

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We deliver the very best simulation solutions again and again!

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