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Travelling Column Grinding Machines | Delta ROTAX (Rotary Table)

Supplier: Delta

The ROTAX range of tangential rotary table grinding machines equipped with hydrostatic slideways and travelling columns are innovative, modern operations produced to guarantee efficiency, dependability, and accuracy.

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DELTA has been designing, manufacturing, and selling cutting-edge flat surface grinding machines worldwide since 1955. They are a leading surface grinder manufacturer with over 20,000 units sold worldwide in over 60 years, and provide timely and qualified technical support and after-sales services.

with stabilised Meehanite cast-iron structure:

  • maximum rigidity
  • removes a large amount of material
  • flatness guaranteed

With the travelling column, the wheelhead does not fall off. This solution eliminates the problem of the wheelhead falling off due to transverse travel and relative compensation measures.

HYDROSTATIC SUPPORT ON ALL MACHINE AXLES WITH FULL GRIP SLIDEWAYS. All the machine axles feature full grip hydrostatic slideways along the entire travel. This involves:

  • absence of anti-friction material (turcite)
  • zero friction (optimal exploitation of the installed power)
  • zero wear (geometry guaranteed for a long period of time)
  • No stick-slip. Extremely smooth movements

The spindle line has a Mackensen hydrodynamic bearing on the front and a pair of pre-loaded precision ball bearings on the rear. The result:

  • zero wear and, therefore, maximum durability
  • zero friction (super accurate surface finishes)
  • high geometric and machining precision

ROTARY TABLE supported by a pair of pre-loaded high precision ball bearings with 25° contact angle driven by a brushless servomotor, which can be equipped with electro-permanent magnetic chuck.

EASY CONTROL. Two user-friendly automation levels (CN and CN PLUS) developed through DELTA software:

  • Full machine operation ensured only after half-day training
  • Self-diagnostics and alarm messages allow unattended machining operations


3 models Max grinding diameter (mm)  Automation levels
ø 700 CN
ROTAX 9 ø 900 CN
ROTAX 12 ø 1200 CN

Rotax (Rotary Table)