Use an Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank Suited for Industrial Applications

If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of using an ultrasonic cleaning tank, you’ll be impressed with the impact it can have on your business. We make ultrasonic cleaners in various sizes, ranging from small cleaners that can fit on a bench to large tanks that can manage large pieces of metal intended for processing or fabrication. Regardless of the application, CleenSonic has an ultrasonic cleaner suited to your needs that will improve the way your business functions.

Tips Regarding an Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

Our immersive cleaning tank is a powerful tool, so consider the following to get the most value from it:

  • Ensure that you install a tank that’s large enough to handle the materials and equipment that you use for your work. Our industrial range of cleaners has capacities from 128 litres to 5,500 litres. If you aren’t sure of the size suited to your work, our team can help you determine it.
  • If you work with objects of unusual or awkward dimensions, we can custom-fabricate a tank suited to your needs. We enjoy the challenge of meeting unique requirements to help you save time and money in ways that you’d never considered.
  • There are various cleaners for different purposes. Knowing which one to use depends on the application you intend it for; that is, factoring in both the material of the object being cleaned and the type of build-up or filth to be cleaned. The more information you can provide us regarding how you will use the tank, the more effectively we can instruct you on the appropriate cleaner for your tank.

Problems CleenSonic’s Ultrasonic Tank Addresses

Our tanks can drastically improve your team’s effectiveness while cutting your costs by reducing labour expenditures.

  • In some industries, traditional cleaning can’t restore your equipment to its original state, so there’s a gradual degradation prompting an eventual replacement. Help your tools last longer by cleaning them more thoroughly under less damaging conditions.
  • Our tanks can batch process small-to-medium parts and equipment. Having large amounts of your equipment detail cleaned at the same time means more time for your team to work on production and design, rather than tending machines that are less effective, slower, or cannot process multiple pieces of equipment.
  • You can open new avenues of work with cleaning and finishing processes that previously were unprofitable or impossible for your equipment. Increase your revenue by expanding the services you can provide.

Your business can benefit in multiple ways, through improved efficiency, equipment longevity, and greater productivity.


Our ultrasonic cleaning technology is on the cutting-edge of technological development and ultimately pays for itself during regular use. You can improve your employees’ quality of life by simplifying the cleaning process, resulting in higher morale at the same time as you save money and increase profits. Request your free solution exploration session to learn more about our ultrasonic cleaning tanks or book a free exploration session to see how they can benefit your business.

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