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Unist Australia

Ditch the coolant now & call today for our FREE 30 Day On-Site Trial.

A great way to understand how our cost effective alternative can help you with your metal cutting operations is to ask for a On-Site Trial. For more information click on the MOST RECENT link then give us a call today.

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Unist has a cost effective alternative to flood coolant, get with the revolution and call us today to discuss your application.

Other companies Unist works with are Amada, Capral, Everising, Wallandra, Southern, Interlloy, U-Neek, iCAM, Kasto, Ullrich Aluminium, Atlas Steels, Voortman, Alcoa, and many more.

Flood coolant can be eliminated by using the latest technology available from Unist, we do this by applying small amounts of super high grade vegetable fluid straight at the cutting area. Dry chips are produced, there is NO mess, NO coolant, the benefits are huge.

Our Technology applies neat 100% Coolube 2210 vegetable oil to the cutting area, our concept is to reduce the friction therefore reduce the oposed to the old way of creating heat then cool it down with Coolant which is 98% water and a bit of oil thrown in for good luck.

Our message is "ELIMINATE FLOOD COOLANT" we can do this by choosing to employ the latest technology for metal cutting namely: Near Dry Machining, Near Dry Sawing, Near Dry Drilling & Tapping and Near Dry Roll-forming etc.

Here in Australia there is a huge awareness about our environment we want to minimise our carbon footprint and we want to find clean and green ways of doing things that will help to sustain our planet. This is why Unist Australia’s message of "We are the Coolant Eliminators" is fast becoming well known.While flood coolants have traditionally been used almost exclusively in machining operations, the concept of minimum-quantity lubrication (MQL) has been steadily gaining momentum during the last several years. MQL, also known as Near-Dry Machining, is suitable for many kinds of machine tools and replaces flood coolant with a minute amount of high-efficiency vegetable lubricant applied precisely to the cutting tool/workpiece interface. The benefits of MQL are numerous. It is a known fact that flood coolant contributes 15-20% of manufacturing costs.

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