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Upwey Valve & Engineering


Upwey Valve & Engineering

Upwey Valve & Engineering Pty Ltd is a Melbourne/Australia based manufacturer of slurry valves used in high abrasion and/or high pressure applications for the mining, power generation and waste water industries both locally and internationally. Upwey Valve & Engineering’s involvement in projects ranges from the design phase to construction and ongoing operations and maintenance.

Their comprehensive product portfolio includes the MAXI-Check H high pressure slurry ball check valve, the MAXI-Check I dual operation slurry isolation ball check valve, EZI-Vac slurry air release vacuum break valve, PENTA WEDGE-Disc slurry gate valve. The MAXI-Check L ball check for water and sewerage applications and the TISO-Check slurry ball check double non return valve. Upwey Valve and Engineering have recently added launder gates to their portfolio.We are 100% Australian owned and ISO9001-2008 Accredited

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