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Westate Diesel Systems | Centrifugal oil filtration Systems

Westate Diesel Systems

Westate Diesel Systems brings you proven technologies to reduce your operating costs and maximise the productive life of your machinery.

We pride ourselves on supplying products of the highest quality for maximum up-time and longevity to exceed today’s standards in Transport, Mining, Marine, Industrial, Power Generation and Agricultural Industries, anywhere there are large diesel engines or volumes of oil, diesel and Biodiesel used or stored.

Our products are used primarily for maintaining, optimising and extending the life of engines, oils, diesel fuel, machine componentry, crusher drives, gearboxes, oil and gas pipelines, power generation and bulk fuel and oil installations.
Westate Diesel Systems has supplying, installing and developing centrifugal filtration systems in Australia for more than twenty years, with a number of the Centrifuges still in operation to this day after 14 years, running 24/7.
centrifuges are unlike noemal filtration they spin fast and trough out fine particles that are in the lube oil as tsoon as they enter the lube oil to keep oil cleaner longer.

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