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What RMStock does for your business

Supplier: Barcode Logic
09 June, 2009

RMStock allows effective Stock Management Control. Not only via Stocktake, but also Purchase Ordering, Goods Received and other features.

Fast and accurate Stocktaking, minimizing human data error and eliminating the paper trail.

Saves you money and time, Stocktake faster, with less staff and much less hassle.

Streamline your stock management with full electronic processing, with no specialized training of your staff.

Why the RMStock Package?

One off Cost.

RMStock is a one off cost. Unlike other systems, we do not charge yearly fee's and also do not charge for software upgrades which are available free from the web site. RMStock is updated regularly, and new features are often included, and are all free of charge.

Compatible with all versions of MYOB RetailManager

RMStock is compatible with all current versions of MYOB® RetailManager. Where as other systems only work with specific versions, and when a new MYOB® RetailManager version is released competitors charge you to upgrade to the new version of their software. RMStock does not, we are backwards compatible with previous versions, and when a new MYOB® RetailManager version is released, the update is available free to RMStock users

State of the Art Technology

Our hardware is the latest up to date technology available and as such will not be outdated any time soon. Other packages may use cheaper and soon to be out of date technology. RMStock uses the latest technology available to support our users and allow our system to be used by the most inexperienced of users. With full colour display, touch screen and Windows CE interface. The Datalogic : Memor unit that RMStock uses has a huge amount of data space and transfers data in seconds. Don't settle for outdated and overpriced technology.

We replicate MYOB® RetailManager

To make it as easy on users and as accurate as possible, RMStock is designed to replicate the look and processes of MYOB® RetailManager. Users who are familiar with MYOB® RetailManager will quickly and easily master RMStock, therefore saving valuable time in training.

What RetailManager Professionals have to say about RMStock

"...I have been dealing with Barcode Logic for over 2 years and i have numerous clients that use RM Stock. RM Stock is an invaluable when it comes to mobile stocktaking..."

"... My clients using RMStock Scanners are saving valuable time and effort when it comes to stocktake, ordering and receiving goods..."

"...We have supplied and installed Barcode Logic's RM-Stock Add-on Stocktaking Solution to hundreds of MYOB RetailManager sites over the last six years. Overall it is an extremely reliable solution and we continue to recommend it to all our clients..."

"...There is also no charge to clients for upgrades so they are extremely happy with there one off fee. I will continue to recommend this Add on Solution to my clients as it is easy to use and very reliable, and integrates perfectly with MYOB RetailManager..."

"...It is so easy to install and just works! It saves days of stocktaking time and its cost is recouped in no time at all. Additional modules, all included in the initial cost, include Purchase Ordering, Goods Receiving and Sales Ordering. The software is constantly being updated at no extra cost to clients. Unlike other products, once purchased, there is no ongoing support charge. ..."

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