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WilComm Server

Supplier: Wilkinson Electronic Document Solutions

WilComm delivers your business documents reliably, automatically and without fuss.

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Key Features:

  • Automated creation, delivery, filing and archiving of documents
  • Reduction or elimination of pre-printed stationery
  • Choice of document delivery: print, fax, email or file
  • Multi-language capability, including Asian languages
  • Platform, printer and application-independent design
  • Integrates with existing IT infrastructure without costly changes or upgrades
  • Supports all common ERP, financial and accounting applications

WilComm Server. Your Output Workhorse.

Powerful electronic forms software harnesses your businesses application output into corporate grade documents and distributes via Print, Fax, Email, File and Archive.

Browser based configuration

With this version of WilComm, tasks such as setting up new jobs, switching on Email distribution and managing data mapping can all be done through the browser. This means you can manage the WilComm operation from any computer on your network.

Service architecture - tuned for reliability

By monitoring WilComm operations using Windows services, reliability is enhanced and your stress levels are reduced. The WilComm Service controls everything, from the application pickup through to module management for print, fax, email and file.

Greener than ever

WilComm encourages forward-thinking companies to make the switch to less paper intensive methods of communicating with their clients. More and more people want to receive emails instead of paper, making the planet greener by reducing carbon emissions generated from paper production.

Tighter Archive Integration

You send documents out all the time, right? But what if you need to find something you sent 6 months ago? Rifle through a couple of boxes then give up? WilComm now has tighter integration to its linked archive solution, WilComm Archive. Any document variable can be defined as a searchable index, making finding that invoice or delivery docket easier than ever.

Improved PDF resolution

Higher resolution graphics are now provided for in PDF's created by WilComm. By increasing the quality WilComm makes your documents easier on the eye and improves the payment cycle.

Better Notification

Real-time monitoring of outgoing messages lets you and your users keep tabs on failed messages. You can now find out what has gone wrong as soon as it happens - allowing the issue to be resolved fast and your customer kept happy. Notification can be sent to multiple recipients and contents are dynamically created, giving you the ability to drill down on the real cause faster.

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