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10 Great Podcasts For Business Managers

By: Tips written by: Grant King, IndustrySearch
02 August, 2015

Podcasts aren't exactly new, but only recently have they started to be taken seriously as a medium. For years they were the online equivalent of amateur radio whereby a few profoundly unprofessional presenters communicated with even fewer profoundly disinterested listeners.

Times have changed and podcasts are now genuine, respected players on the international soundstage with episodes as meticulously and professionally planned as a current events TV show.

They also happen to be mighty handy sources of information on almost any subject. Best of all they can be downloaded and enjoyed at a time that suits your schedule – commuting, walking the dog, or relaxing with a drink. Here are ten of the best podcasts for enterprising business managers.

Entrepreneur on Fire

No, this isn't how to make a fortune out of pyrotechnics; it's one of the most popular podcasts online; a successful entrepreneur's advice and motivational tips on all things enterprising. John Lee Dumas is that entrepreneur, a man not afraid to disclose his own substantial earnings and how he makes them.  

HBR IdeaCast

Any podcast with the Harvard Business Review's name on it can't be ignored and the HBR IdeaCast is worth...not ignoring. Aside from being a tried and true source of insightful business news, the HBR name attracts top flight guests from Google's Eric Schmidt to, of course, Harvard professors.    

Marketing Smarts

If you like your podcasts bursting with detail and in-depth analysis, lock off half an hour every Wednesday for a comprehensive marketing workshop brought to you by respected bloggers and educators, MarketingProfs. Host Kerry O'Shea and a variety of marketing gurus choose one hot marketing topic each week and dissect the living daylights out of it.

Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More

The title says it all. Host Steven Robbins tackles the question we'd all like answers to: how to be more productive, yet spend less time actually working. With great tips about time management and taking full advantage of technology, this is a podcast for anyone wanting to work smarter, not harder.

BBC Business Daily

What global news is impacting business right now? What business trends are shaking world markets? What's happening on money markets that affects you? When it comes to erudite commentary and analysis of the big issues facing business, does anyone do it better than the BBC?   

The Wall Street Journal on Small Biz

Actually, when it comes to the big business issues, you could argue that these guys do it even better. While this weekly podcast focuses on small business and contains some US-based content, there's still plenty of material relevant to Australian small business.  

The Bottom Line

If you enjoy panel discussions about business, this BBC Radio 4 production is for you. Each episode brings together movers and shakers from the business world to discuss anything from new concepts in management to the potential of wearable technology.  

Inside Business

This ABC News and Current Affairs production is considered to be the best magazine style business show in Australia. With panel discussions, interviews and a healthy recap of the week's major business news, it's a great way to stay in touch with local business happenings and trends.

The $100 MBA

Short of time but still keen for a daily dose of hot tips for smarter business? Here's ten minutes of them; a fast paced, no frills burst of business, marketing and technology enlightenment from industry experts.

The Entrepreneur's Radio Show

We can't all be self-made millionaires, but we can sure listen to a few and get some tips. In the Entrepreneur's Radio Show highly successful business people who have been there, done that, explain how you too can go there and do that.

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