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10 simple goal-setting tips to make sure 2007 is your best year yet

01 February, 2007

No.1: Reflect on the activities of 2006 and what, how and why you want to do some things better or differently in 2007. Revisit your business plan and see where the business is now and where it should be according to your plans.Source: Australian Business Limited.

2.   Take a fresh look at the business and its market. Take a step away from the day-to-day routine and look at how you are meeting the fundamental needs of your present customers and how you might better meet their needs and those of potential customers.

3.   Be realistic and transparent about what you want to achieve when setting goals and ensure each goal has a clear outcome.

4.   Ask for the input of your staff, senior executives and key stakeholders– what do they think worked well and why; what do they feel didn’t work as well and why

5.   Write down your goals. This will help you clarify and remember them better. For each goal, include a strategy of how you will achieve it, and whether it involves changing a behaviour, undertaking training or taking a course or seminar to develop a skill.

6.   Ensure that any company-wide goal addresses and benefits not only your business but also your customers, employees and stakeholders.

7.   Consider timing and available resources when developing your goals; and whether each goal will have the support of the whole of the business and its stakeholders.

8.   Assign responsibility for carrying out each of the associated activities. Communicate the goals and responsibilities clearly to staff responsible and ensure they fully understand expectations and their performance compared to these expectations.

9.    Set up a progress review timetable with measurable standards and attainable deadlines.

10.   Post your goals in a prominent place where all staff can see them often, like a bulletin board in the lunch room, around the office, warehouse or plant as well as distributing them to all staff.

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