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111 Abrasives Australia Newsletter

Supplier: 111 Abrasives Australia
02 April, 2015

ISSUE 4 Feb-Apr 2015

FIX-Klett System

We offer patented solutions for metal finishing since 1987 - professional, quality tools and abrasives for stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel and non-ferrous metals surface grinding, sanding, finishing and polishing. Made in Germany with sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

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The Zircotex FIX Klett system using the ‘hook and loop system’ also known as the quick-change system. It requires the use of our original backing pad to securely fasten a flap disc or a pad onto the machine without the need for clamping nuts.

An interesting tip is to get a backing pad that is slightly smaller than the disc to allow the flaps to protrude around the edges of the backing pad. This permits the user to easily grind into corners and use down the disc. This is demonstrated in the picture below where a 125Ø disc is used with a 125Ø backing pad and a 115Ø backing pad. From coarse grinding to mirror finish with 1 system.

Mirror Finish with the FIX Klett System

The Fix Klett system (hook and loop) has got the accessories to achieve a mirror finish. A Trizact pad and super polish pad as shown below are also available to achieve that perfect mirror finish. Check out our website for more FIX accessories

T-Lock Surface Conditioning Nylon Fleece Belts

The T-lock Surface Conditioning Nylon Fleece Belts are fantastic as it is now possible to polish and condition closed pipe constructions without the need to cut the belt. It can quickly be opened and fastened using the unique Tlock system as shown below.

In order to use the T-lock system it must be with the Poly PTX 800 machine using the grinding belt roller attachment.

Flap Discs Special Offer

All our flap discs are glass fibre free, ferrite free and are manufactured in Germany to ensure top quality. The range covers a variety of metals from INOX to aluminium to ensure you have the right disc for your job. Check out our range today.