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5 benefits of using barcoding technology for an efficient warehouse

By: Grant King, IndustrySearch Writer
11 February, 2016

Gone are the days of clipboards and pens behind the ear. Barcoding is the only way for today’s warehouses to keep up with the game and stay profitable. Here are five reasons why.

1. Processing speed

Worker takes carton off truck and places it on the ground. Worker takes pen and clipboard and peers at side of carton. Worker laboriously writes item number and description in columns on clipboard. Worker carries item and places it on shelf. Worker peers at shelf number and writes it in column on clipboard.

How long did that take to process one carton manually? And not only did it take an age, it created multiple opportunities for a lifting injury. So let's see how that same process would work with barcodes.

Worker scans carton. Worker carries carton and places it on shelf. Worker scans shelf number. One lift, three quick and easy actions.

2. Cost

How much is that worker with the pen and clipboard costing you per hour? How much are they currently achieving in an average day? How much more would they achieve if their processing time for each and every item was four or five times faster than it currently is?

3. Accuracy

Computer data entry person walks from office to warehouse with piece of paper and searches for warehouse worker. Computer data entry person finds warehouse worker after two minutes of shouting from one end to the other and asks warehouse worker what 'this number is' as it's not showing up in the system. Warehouse worker scratches head, leads computer data entry person to shelves, finds offending item and gives correct number. With barcodes there are no such errors and time-wasting witch hunts. It's automatic, accurate and, best of all, instant.

4. Tracking

Customer rings office looking for late delivery. Office transfers call to warehouse. Warehouse worker answers call on twentieth ring. Warehouse worker says 'Hang on.' Warehouse worker rummages through stack of packing slips, informs customer that it left sometime yesterday, but they have no idea where it is now. Customer asks if warehouse worker can phone the delivery company. Warehouse workers says it's doubtful they'll answer if they're driving.

With barcode tracking parcels can be scanned at despatch and at every delivery point along the way in real time. With online tracking numbers both sender and receiver can see exactly where the parcel is at any given time.

5. Competitiveness

In the digital age of eCommerce where everyone wants it 'yesterday', your business may well survive or fall based on how fast you can move stock in and orders out of your warehouse. Delivery times are now expected to be a day, not a week or fortnight. Barcoding is the only way to keep pace.

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