6 Great Podcasts for Manufacturing Professionals

01 September, 2016

If you’re not up to speed with podcasts, they’re a great way to stay up to speed with anything and everything while, well, operating at speed.

In other words, podcasts are information you can absorb on the run, fed to you via headphones from your mobile phone while walking, working, eating or, if you have time, relaxing. Here are a few for your interest and edification – podcasts with tips on better manufacturing and better business generally. While many are from overseas, they’re all free and the same principles apply here in Australia. Enjoy!

Manager Tools Podcast

Could you use a few tips on how to handle common management issues? Are there aspects of your career progress that could use a gee up? Then this podcast created by business consultants Auzene and Horstman might just improve your game.

URL: http://www.manager-tools.com/

Advanced Manufacturing Now Podcast

Here’s one especially for manufacturing professionals. Well, its also for students and educators in manufacturing, but the content is all about inspiring you to greater things and advancing the industry generally. A lofty goal but if you gain one new tool it’s a podcast worth trying.

URL: http://www.advancedmanufacturingnow.com 

Quick and Dirty Tips Podcast

And no, this hasn’t suddenly morphed into an article by Hustler; this is a fast and furious podcast about how to work less and do more. How do you improve productivity, time management and make technology work better for you so your business operates more efficiently with less input by you? Catch this podcast to find out!

URL: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/get-it-done-guy

Manufacturing at Heart Podcast

The name says it all really. And while this podcast seems to have a rather European focus, much of the subject matter – Factories of the Future, Enterprise Resource Planning, Cybersecurity in Manufacturing – is full of insights any forward thinking manufacturer will find valuable.

URL: http://www.manufacturingatheart.eu/podcasts 

Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast

This one certainly gets the award for most impressive title. And anything to do with entrepreneurship and improving your business enterprise has to be worth a shot. Especially when it’s delivered in the form of lectures by renowned entrepreneurs.  

URL: http://ecorner.stanford.edu/podcasts.html

The Bottom Line Podcast

How do companies keep rolling on and on for centuries? That’s a podcast worth watching on its own. But The Bottom Line, a BBC Radio 4 production (so you’re ensured of intelligent debate) covers anything from new management concepts to wearable technology.