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A reliable camera system for search and rescue missions

Supplier: INLINE Systems | NDT Gear
08 February, 2012

Search and rescue teams around the globe need reliable, safe and rugged communications equipment when faced with complex emergency situations.

Knowing the importance of meeting rescuers needs, CON-SPACE Communications have designed the searchcam systems using input from rescue teams from around the world.

Rescue workers communicated with CON-SPACE that they needed a camera that was durable, reliable, provided an excellent picture, has a good light source, and is very mobile, versatile and easy-to-use. With this in mind and building on the already successful Searchcam 2000 search system, the Searchcam 3000 features all of these things and more.

"We really wanted to get this camera right. Money is real hard to come by for search rescue teams," Andy Ibbetson, President of CON-SPACE Communications said. "We wanted to build something that’s not just a one-trick pony. This camera provides value."

The Searchcam 3000 allows rescuers to locate victims trapped in collapsed buildings. The communications system features an interchangeable, waterproof, 120 degree motorised articulating camera head that can be swapped on the fly depending on what conditions rescuers are confronted with.  The camera can be expanded from 14 inches to 19 feet, eliminating the need to carry multiple cameras. Rescuers can also record video and capture still images of the search site which can later be used for post-incident evaluation or training purposes.

This search and rescue system undoubtedly sets a whole new standard for technical search and rescue globally, eliminating redundant equipment and giving rescue workers everything they need.

Searchcam 3000 in action

Richard Gorey, Station Officer from Queensland Fire & Rescue spoke about what he likes about the Searchcam systems and his experience using them.

"As a Rescue Technician with the QFRS for over 10 years, it is my experience that the Searchcam 2000 and 3000 are the best cameras for void search, and rescue work," Gorey said. 

"Whilst other cameras have their role, the Searchcam 2000 and 3000 cameras package the greatest amount of useable features into one professionally built, rugged unit.

"Our 2000s and 3000s have been deployed with our INSARAG Qualified Urban Search and Rescue Teams to Samoa, Indonesia, New Zealand, within Australia and on every Category 2 USAR courses we run. It has also been my personal experience that Adam and the team at Inline have provided us with dedicated, prompt and professional after sales service and back up."

INLINE Systems have been the exclusive distributors for the Searchcam systems in Australia and New Zealand for over 10 years.

INLINE are proud to be able to offer expert pre-sale and post-sale advice and have an in-house technical service department for most spare part or repair requirements. This lets you to purchase your unit locally, and be assured that you can access continued service and support.

Link: www.inline.com.au/searchcam3000