Adhesive tape guide for building maintenance

Supplier: ETS Embossing and Tape Supplies By: Jason Turpin
26 January, 2017

Being a building manager or facilities maintenance manager may be just one job title, but both involve many different hats.

Quite often on any given day a FM manager can be required to perform maintenance or repairs on anything ranging from building, electrical, waterproofing, glazing, plumbing, air conditioning, occupational health & safety (OH & S), the list goes on.

A facilities maintenance manager is required to have extensive contacts to perform the above duties & quite often can’t afford to waste time in having repairs done or having products on hand to perform these duties themselves.

Below is our list of products related to the Facilities Maintenance Industry and the applications they are used for.

Reflective Tape

  We have a range of Reflective Tape available for Facilities Maintenance

Some applications reflective tape is used for include:

  • Highlighting dark areas, making area’s visible, bollards, low ceilings, signs, car parks, markings on vehicles / trucks, safety hazards

Common colours available for our reflective tapes are:

  • White, Red, Yellow, Red/White striped, Black/Yellow Striped, & Fluro Yellow

We have reflective tape covering all class requirements (Class 1, Class 2, & Class 1w) that are used indoors & outdoors. The standard widths for Reflective tape are 48mm, 75mm & 100mm.

Glow in the Dark Tape / Photoluminescent Tape

 Photo-Luminescent Tape for the FM Industry

Photoluminescent / glow in the dark tape is designed for indoor use. After the tape is exposed to light, it is “charged” & generally will glow up to 18hours after 2 hours of exposure to light. The strength of the glow depends on individual eyesight as peoples eyes adjust to the darkness differently.

Applications for glow / photoluminescent tape include emergency exits, stairways, floors, doors, door handles, anywhere that if there are power outages, our glow in the dark will kick in.

Common types of glow tape available:

  • Anti slip glow tape designed for non-slip applications on floors, standard widths are – 50mm, 100mm & 150mm - 10metres length per roll

  • Standard glow tape used on walls, doorways, etc, standard widths are - 25mm, 50mm & 100mm – 10metres length per roll

Anti-Slip / Tread Tape

 Embossing & Tape Supplies has the whole range of Non Slip Tape covered

Tread Tape / Anti Slip Tape is designed for dry & wet surfaces. Applications for non slip tape include floors, wet areas, slippery areas, stairs, vehicles, tiled surfaces, etc.

Common anti slip tape available are as follows:

  • Standard non slip tape (“sandpaper surface”), colours available are black, white, yellow, black/yellow striped. Standard sizes availavble are – 24mm, 48mm, 75mm – 18metres length per roll. 

  • “Soft” Non Slip Tape (designed for bare feet to make contact with). This is a unique Tread Tape designed to be around change rooms, pools, etc where bare feet will make contact with the tape. Available in Black – (rubberised surface), or clear – (plasticised surface). Widths available are 50mm, or 100mm with 18 metres length per roll.

  • Conformable Anti Slip Tape (designed for rough uneven surfaces). This is another unique Tread tape which is backed with a thick aluminium foil designed for uneven surfaces such as checker plate (diamond plate). Once this conformable tape is applied it will conform with the surface it is applied to and as it is walked over more, will take an even better shape of the checker plate & will not tear, crack or rip. Standard sizes for our conformable non slip tape are – 50mm, 75mm & 100mm with 18 metres length per roll.


Floor Marking / Lane Marking Tape

 Floor Marking Tape for all Facilities Maintenance Requirements

Lane Marking or Floor Marking Tape is a PVC tape designed for indoor use to mark out areas.

Applications Floor Marking tape include – marking out walkways, designated areas, basketball courts, squash courts, etc.

  • Common colours and sizes available for Floor Marking tape are: Blue, Red, White, Black/Yellow striped & Red/White Striped. Sizes available are – 24mm, 48mm, 75mm & 100mm with 33 metres length per roll.


Barricade / Barrier Tape

 Barrier Tape for all Building Maintenance Requirements

Barricade Tape is a polyethylene tape with no adhesive.

Applications for Barricade tape include building sites, cordoned off areas, events, etc.

  • Common colour and sizes available for Barrier Tape are– Red/White Striped, Green/White Striped, Black/Yellow Striped, Blue/White Stiped. Size available is – 75mm x 100 metres. 


Masking Tape

  We Have all your Masking Tape Requirements Covered for Building Maintenance

Masking tapes available for indoor & outdoor use.

Things to consider when selecting marking tape:

  • Transfer / Residue: How long you need to leave your masking tape applied for, will it be exposed to direct sunlight & heat. These are all factors in masking tape leaving adhesive residue when removed.

  • One piece / clean removal: Select a tape that you leave applied for longer than recommended. Ignore the conditions that the tape will exposed to. When using the wrong grade, it can affect one piece clean removal.

  • Sharp Paint Edge: It's important to choose the right tape that will not "bleed-through" into the masked area.

  • Conformability (for edge & curved areas): If your application has a lot of curves you need to consider a higher grade tape such as lifeline masking tape.

Our masking tapes range from general purpose masking tape, high end masking tapes that leave no residue, have sharp paint lines & masking tape that can be used on concrete that will not lift or tear when exposed to water or heat (up to 2 weeks).

If you are unsure of which type of masking tape you require, check out out our Masking Tape Selection Guide

Double Sided Tape

 E.T.S. has Double Sided Tape for all Building Maintenance Applications

Double Sided tapes designed for indoor & outdoor use. Some of our double sided tape range include:

  • 3M Very High Bond Tape is UV resistant designed for heavy duty outdoor applications such as facades, signs, glass/glazing. The 3M VHB tape is available in white (1.1mm thickness), grey (1.1mm & 2.3mm thickness) & clear (0.5mm & 1.1mm thickness)

  • Mounting tapes for indoor use such as mirrors, panels, signs. Our mounting tape is white, thickness’s available are: 0.8mm, 1.6mm & 3.2mm

  • General widths for double sided tapes available are – 12mm, 18mm & 24mm


Foam Tape

 Embossing & Tape Supplies has a Whole Range of Foam Tapes in different Grades of Foam, Thickness's & Widths

Foam tape is designed for sealing doors, hatches, windows, anti vibration (vibration dampening, cushioning, etc.)

  • General widths for foam tape is: 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm & 72mm.
  • Foam tapes are also available in different grades & thickness’s (1.6mm, 3.2mm, 4.8mm, 6.4mm, 9.5mm, 12.7mm) 

Pipe Repair Tape

Our Pipe Repair Tape can be applied under water, on wet surfaces or on leaking pipes

Self fusing UV resistant silicone “Pipe Repair” Tape is 24mm x 10mtr. This is an exceptional product, that every FM manager should have a roll handy for those unexpected pipe leakages.

Applications of our pipe repair tape include – irrigation lines, pipes (not pipes that carry drinking water), air hoses, compressor hoses, radiator hoses, low pressure oil lines, etc

  • The Tesa 4600 Extreme Pipe Repair Tape can be applied underwater, on leaking pipes or wet surfaces. Our Pipe Repair tape is rated to 12bar – 174psi (an average garden hose runs at around 60 – 80psi) and can be used as a permanent or temporary repair, rated for temperatures up to 260c.

Extreme Sealing Tape

 Extreme Sealing Tape will expand & contract with heat, an instant fix for roofs & gutters

From rain gutters to flashing, leaking rivots and vents, the extreme sealing repair tape is a sure winner over traditional sealants. Once again, another product that every Building – FM manager shouldn’t be without.

  • 3M Extreme Sealing Tape rolls on fast and looks good. 3M Extreme Sealing repair Tape offers a wide range of benefits over traditional silicone / sealants, such as being flexible, no cracking, no mess when applying, being able to expand & contract with heat, UV resistant, & can be painted over.

  • Extreme Sealing repair tape is available 50mm wide, in rolls of 2 metres or 16.5metres in length

Aluminium Foil Tape

Embossing & Tape Supplies stocks 3M Aluminium Foil Tape for all your Facilities Maintenance / Operations requirements

We help make Building & FM Maintenance Operations easy.

Applications for aluminium foil tape includes any minor air conditioning or refrigeration repairs and you will save you money by doing this yourself rather than to have a technician call out to do the same job.

Aluminium foil tape is available in 50mm, 75mm & 100mm widths with 50 metres length per roll

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