Providing unparalleled performance for high capacity packaging lines Multiweigh Weighers are German engineered to excel.

Built for precision and innovation, these weighers offer a myriad of benefits. Equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology for smart control, Multiweigh Weighers optimize the weighing process with remarkable efficiency. Moreover, their design incorporates minimal moving parts, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements and mitigating the need for expensive part replacements. This design choice enhances reliability while minimising operational costs, making Multiweigh Weighers a preferred choice in the industry.

Multiweigh Weighers are built for longevity and have minimal maintenance requirements, reduced downtimes, and are superior in durability. By minimising operational costs and maximising productivity, Multiweigh Weighers contribute to improved profitability and offer a competitive edge in the market.

The advanced design and technology of Multiweigh Weighers contribute to increased operational efficiency. By eliminating unnecessary complexities, these weighers streamline the weighing process, ensuring faster and more accurate results. The precision and reliability of Multiweigh Weighers enable packaging lines to achieve higher outputs and meet demanding production targets.

Multiweigh Weighers are equipped with a state-of-the-art “Direct Drive” system that eliminates both internal and external springs. This innovative design enables seamless and efficient production by facilitating faster operations and ensuring smooth load cell signal transmission. Additionally, Multiweigh Weighers are powered by LINX software, renowned for its flexibility and unrivaled stability. This software provides the best-in-class operating system, offering businesses worldwide a reliable and dependable solution for their weighing needs.

Covering all food applications, Multiweigh Weighers weigh, count and mix different products according to a given recipe ensuring that snacks, frozen food and fresh produce are handled with care.

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