Ajax 240 Volt Water and Oil Separators for CNC Machinery.

Cutting fluid mixing with impurities and oil slick will affect processing quality, cutting tool life and occupational health. This is simply and cheaply resolved with an Ajax Water and Oil Separator.

In the process of machining, the cutting fluid will be mixed with a lots of other oil. The oil floating on the surface of cutting fluid can result in the proliferation of microorganisms, speed up the deterioration of cutting fluid and shorten the service life of cutting fluid.
Microbial propagation in the emulsion is alarming. When the emulsion bacterial contents are above 106 / ML, the emulsion will "go bad", thus contaminate the environment and affect the health of workers.
Removing the floating oil from cutting fluid in time can keep emulsions clean and also minimize the breeding of bacteria.
The Ajax Water & Oil separator is suitable for to various types of machining centers and other CNC machines. It can separate floating oil from cutting fluid, thus greatly extend the service life of cutting fluid. This in turn may increase the service life of cutting tools and ensure machining accuracy, protect the work environment and staff health.

Medium & large models available.

Compact size, light weight, easy to operate and can be used in fluid tanks of various machine tools.

Automatic control. On / Off time may be clock set within 24 hours for unattended operation in auto mode.

16 periods for Oil absorption can be set according to the year, the month and the day, precise to minutes.

Low consumption DC motor for stable and reliable operation.

Pure physical separation, three-stage filtration to realize thorough separation, no secondary pollution.

Built-in liquid level sensor, alarm when oil is full.

Oil scraper speed is step-less.

With Ozone sterilization

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