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Alternatives to making stairs in your workplace safer

Supplier: Amco Matting - Australian Matting Company - Safety Matting By: Will Small
09 February, 2017

Accidents while using stairs are no laughing matter. And, considering that these normally occur from an altitude above your workplace, damage and injury is certainly be cause for concern.

There are a number of ways to reduce accidents on stairs. First of all, we need to find out if the parent step requires total changeout. A good alternative is something like FRP Grating Step Treads. These are a great option in areas where there maybe excessive corroding issues commonly found in salt mines, chemical processing in mines, marine environments including sea jetty’s, ocean quays, break water infrastructure and so on.

While a complete tread changeout is the optimum, this may not be required, or may work out to be too expensive. You can consider renovating the edges with Fibreglass or Metal Anti-Slip Stair Nosing’s to safety requirements as the next best option.

This can be done with a range of ant slip Amco stair nosings such as Stainless Steel, Powder coated Zincalume, galvanized steel, fiberglass stairnosings and our little (now famous) renovating money saver, the U-Tred sometimes spelt UTred . Most commonly known for saving literally thousands of dollars on older type infrastructure where renovating is the only choice ,plus now being specified for new infrastructure on steps stairs in dry or nominally dry area environments.

U-Tred stair nosing is a proven solution to provide safety in industrial applications.

U-Tred has not that long ago been upgraded with proven grip and high visibility ease of installation. U-TRED® is a robust steel anti slip stair nosing product, galvanised and powder coated Safety Yellow, this will not crack or release hazardous splinters inflicting bodily harm as can occur with Fibreglass Stair nosings.

Once a decision is made on which effective anti slip stair nosing to use, the different options on quality coatings and installations have to be considered. For options on installing and making a decision on quality please click here.

Reducing the potential hazardous slip on wet slippery steps or stairs is a common question we receive at AMCO, from all industry areas. Solutions on anti-slip stair nosing’s for mines and abattoirs can be a lengthy process and a lot of questions should be answered before finally purchasing the correct anti slip nosing of choice.