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Anti-dumping decision to benefit Australia's steel industry

03 December, 2015

Anti-dumping duties will be imposed on steel reinforcing bar (rebar) exported to Australia from Korea, Singapore, Spain and Taiwan following a decision by Assistant Minister for Science, Karen Andrews.

Andrews said the decision followed a significant investigation and would help level the playing field for Australia's steel industry.

"This investigation involved seven countries and is the second largest anti-dumping investigation undertaken by the Anti-Dumping Commission in terms of the number of countries involved," Andrews said.

"It will assist the local manufacturer of rebar, OneSteel, to compete with overseas manufacturers and allow the Australian industry to stay in the game," Andrews said.

This move followed an investigation by the Commission which found that rebar was imported to Australia at dumped prices.

"The dumping of rebar into the local market has caused injury to the Australian manufacturer," Andrews said.

The dumping duties on imported rebar from Korea, Singapore, Spain and Taiwan would range between 2.8 and 14.3 per cent.

OneSteel is Australia's sole producer of rebar, manufacturing rebar products at Sydney, Laverton and Newcastle. The size of the Australian market was approximately 900,000 tonnes in 2014-15.

Dumping occurs when the export price to Australia is below the selling price, or below the full cost of the product, in the country of export.

Further details on the decision are available at http://www.adcommission.gov.au/

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Dee | Thursday, December 3, 2015, 2:45 AM
This should take affect on all products such as this. I know of a situation when a tender was proposed for a large project, however in the end Australian manufacturing lost out to another company because the material they were going to use was cheaper from Korea than within Australia!!! it wasn't just rebar either. This is a good idea, however I hope it's not too late, seeing as many local Aussie manufacturing companies have already had to close down around us because of the cheaper imports that people can buy, instead of locally made goods. How is this ever going to be an equal or level playing field? Australian manufacturing companies need to be able to have a chance with decent pricing - buying from local companies instead of losing jobs, orders or opportunities because import materials are cheaper. It is not fair at the moment, and I hope the Australian Government will hurry up and start supporting their country like Andrew's seems to say he is. C'mon Australia - support your own country too! C'mon Australia Government - support your own country too! C'mon Australian suppliers and customers - support your own country too!
gordon | Thursday, December 3, 2015, 5:40 AM
Yeah well the truth is I buy some imported material so I can be competitive in manufacture , this enables me to fabricate in Australia these tariffs only assist the fat cats with legal departments so it does not effect their bottom line and the suppliers attain their huge margins so what does that mean ? I cant bring in raw materials to fabricate here however I can bring in finished parts with no charge So in fact real manufacturing suffers We wouldn't want to hurt Onesteels profits now would we