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Arc Flash Clothing - Proban Coat

Supplier: Extreme Safety

Proban is a type of treated natural cotton. It provides excellent flame retardant (FR) properties, whilst retaining the natural breathing ability of cotton.

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The ROFA Arc Flash Clothing - Proban garments are all tested to 10kA for 1 sec, in an laboratory electrical Arc Flash. Temperatures in this arc reach over 20,000’C, and are reduced to a safe level before contact with the skin.

This 10kA/1sec rating is the highest level of protection to the European Standard. This is equal to a 37 Cal/cm2 APTC rating under NFPA-70E. This rating does change (become higher) when more garments are worn together.

Being tested to 10kA for 1sec, means that they are also able to sustain approximately 20Ka for 0.5sec or 50kA for around 0.05sec for example. Because they are only tested to 10kA, does not mean this is the maximum fault current they can be used for. There is an inverse relationship between time and arc flash power / energy (fault current).

Many different types of Arc Flash Clothing - Proban garments are available to suit anyone's needs.

Extreme Safety supply the following Arc Flash Clothing - Proban items:

  • Switching Coats
  • Overalls
  • Jackets
  • Trousers

All Arc Flash Clothing - Proban garments are permanently Antistatic.

Please refer to the catalogue for more details on any of the garments.

There are many misconceptions and myth's that Arc Flash Clothing - Proban garments lose their effectiveness after being washed. ROFA garments, as sold by Extreme Safety, are guaranteed to last at least 100 industrial washes.

The safety tests done on the Arc Flash Clothing - Proban garments were carried out on garments that had been in an industrial wash 50 times. After these washes the garments were still just as effective as brand new.

The largest electricity provider in Germany, RWE supplies ROFA Arc Flash Clothing - Proban clothing, to all of its employee's, that really tells the entire story about Proban, and puts any doubts about it to rest.

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