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Arrow Alpha - Raising the bar in bike parking design

Supplier: Arrow Alpha By: Linda Mathieson - Arrow Alpha Marketing
10 October, 2013

Creating new bike parking designs to suit all applications.

New standards set for secure bike parking with Arrow Alpha raising the bar in bike parking design.

When Vaughan Constructions and Nicholas Alexander Architects required cyclist parking facilities for the new 5 Green Star Ricoh Industrial development a better solution was needed.

The bike parking rack needed to conform to Australian Standards AS 2890.3, occupy limited space, be user friendly and offer safe and secure bike parking. Whilst this is a common requirement, in reality there were no bike rack designs available that could do it well without severe risk of handle bar clash and damage to the bikes wheel spokes.

With bicycle use and parking requirements on the increase Vaughan Constructions called on innovative designers Arrow Alpha to custom design and manufacture aesthetically pleasing compact bike rails. All the while, the new design had to conform to AS2890.3 so that both wheels and the bikes frame could be securely locked. Arrow Alpha took up the challenge and designed a compact bicylce rack that could support a bike with low to no risk of handle bar clash and damage to the wheel spokes.

The end result was the new, innovative and aesthetically pleasing space saving Compact Bicycle Rack design that met everybody's needs, the builder, the architect, the tenant, the building owner and most importantly the growing number of bike users who are demanding safe and secure bike parking facilities.

The job was installed on time and came in under budget, another win for all involved and according to Vaughan Constructions, they now have an excellent solution for future projects.

The unique Compact Bicycle Parking Rack has raised the bar and set a new standard for build quality and innovative design. It has received its own unique registered design certification from I P Australia and is certainly going to be the ideal solution for all projects that have space limitations.

Congratulations to all involved on the completion of an innovative and sustainable bike parking project.