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Australian Light Tower is Ideal for events and functions.

Supplier: Austrec International Pty Ltd By: Gary Ashmore
28 June, 2018

A Light Tower is ideal for events and functions. We hear from Gary Ashmore the owner of Intavent a Melbourne based Audio Visual event hire business.

The ALT (Australian Light Tower) came to my attention when I was searching for a lighting solution for outdoor functions and events. I was immediately impressed with the size and versatility of the ALT but it was not until I attended a demonstration at Flemington Racecourse that the real benefit of the unit was discovered" says Ashmore.

Imagine, a lighting product that fits in the boot of a car, is easily handled by one person, runs off a standard power point, can be deployed in under 1 minute and lights up an area the size of a soccer field!

The design of the ALT is one of the most clever pieces of engineering you will ever see. It’s one of those products that you look at and say…it’s so simple why didn’t I think of that. The ALT is now subject to Australian and world patents and fast becoming known for applications well beyond the emergency
services industry for which it was first designed.

Soon after it’s launch into the event market, I had the opportunity to extensively test the ALT at a number of major events including Monash Carols by Candlelight, Delfin’s Caroline Springs Community Concert, Melbourne’s Big Day Out and the Future Music Festival at Flemington Racecourse. The versatility of the ALT saw units relocated and deployed in minutes to provide a perfect light source for backstage area and later a general light source for bump out. I provided two ALT’s to a private New Years Eve function on a lavish racehorse property in Gisborne where the guests enjoyed the el-fresco
style atmosphere amid the dispersed light.

The property owner was impressed with the quality of light output and their quiet operation.

More recently the Victoria Racing Club’s Event Operations department were amazed with the ALT which are now provided for all concerts and outdoor events at Flemington Racecourse. The versatility of the ALT has provided event owners and managers with an extra dimension to event lighting infrastructure and the speed and versatility of their deployment makes them a valuable first response lighting solution for emergency situations.

The applications in the outdoor event market are broad as the ALT provides a low cost, general light source without the harsh glare of traditional light sources. I am sure you will see more of these clever light towers as event owners and managers discover their many uses.

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