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AW10 Antiwear Case Studies

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22 July, 2015

Ford Ranger 6 speed manual Typical of Ford Rangers this one had a very clunky gear change & owner, Gary Scrivens also had a whine in top gear, and a noise in 3rd gear under load. The Ford dealer advised him that this was normal for the vehicle.

Gary used Molybond in the gearbox, and it was a little quieter. Then he decided to use AW10 Antiwear in the gearbox and transfer case, so changed both oils. The gearbox was way quieter straight away, changed smoothly and the top gear whine had gone. A little noise still from 3rd, but much reduced.

Most interestingly, his fuel economy improved by 0.5L/100km! Just by using AW10 in the transmission. He noticed that when backing off to approach a red light, he actually has to brake more since there is less drag through the drive train. Drivetrain friction does consume fuel, but this was more than Gary expected.


The drifter uses AW10 in the engine , power steering and gear box to reduce the heat and therefore the wear and tear. Great stuff Ron. Motocare 4WD www.motorcare.com.au

Schulz Earthmoving

Craig Schulz uses AW10 throughout his fleet, in all components (eg hydraulics, engines, transmissions, final drives, etc). Craig reports much cooler hydraulic temperatures in hard work applications eg Komatsu dozer during stick raking work. Before AW10 it the hydraulics were too hot to put your hand on. When using AW10, it’s relative cool to touch. He had a scraper with a hydraulic pump chattering, and found that AW10 quietened it down considerably. He’s found it useful in A Komatsu PC300 excavator, and grader hydraulics.

Australian 4WD Monthly magazine

Roothyhad this to say: "This stuff is the greatest. It has to be the slipperiest thing this side of a banana peel on a boat ramp. Bugger me! Old Milo (Landcruiser Troopcarrier) is shifting gears a lot sweeter since that injection of AW 10. I felt the slicker change almost immediately. But the ultimate test was chucking a capful in the two-stroke fuel in Mungo's ancient 25HP Mercury outboard. The bloody thing ran smoother and rattled less almost straight away.

Pajero 2004 NP 3.2 DiD Auto

G'day Brid. Whilst towing my 1500kg caravan I noticed that under load the transmission tunnel was becoming extremely hot.

At 45,000km, I added a dose of AW10 at the rate of 1% to the auto transmission. Problem solved. I have now been using AW10 in my auto transmission for 45000km with no problems whatsoever. No more excessive heat and changes appear to be smoother. It had all it`s oils and fluids changed again at the 90,000 km service, and AW10 was again added to the AUTO TRANSMISSION. AW10 has been used in the diffs,transfer case, engine and power steering since new. Cheers, John Tasker.

Nissan Terrano 1997 (240,000km)

I felt compelled to write to you to thank you for your excellent products. I did the F.O.C. Treatment on the engine as well as adding AW 10 to the engine oil and also to the gearbox oil. My gearbox was a bit notchy at times to get into gear and the main shaft bearings would growl a bit.

The noise is gone and the gears are now so slick to come in, it is almost like shifting gears in a Road Ranger box. About the engine, although it was in fairly good nick, the rattles are gone, so much so that I can now hear the fan blowing air through the radiator.

The way I see it I’ve given my driveline a much longer lease of life by using your products on it. Only one complaint though…I have trouble finding my oil level on the dipstick now, since the oil line on it became clear, not black like before straight after changing the oil. You have cured another skeptic as well as improving my car out of sight. Thank you. Frank Vera.

Freightliner FLC112

(Riseley’s Bulk Haulage).Powered by Series 60 Detroit with 18 speed Roadranger and Eaton diffs. Use of AW10 resulted in smoother gear shifts esp when cold. No click on fast changes. A slight engine rattle has also disappeared. Temperature reductions going up the Toowoomba range were 25F for the gearbox, 15F front diff and 20F rear diff!! Owner Phil Riseley was so impressed, he had to ring us at the top of the range!

13 Speed Roadranger Overdrive Gearbox

Marr's Haulage run 5 road trains, and tried AW10 instead of a $3000 repair job in one gearbox that had become very notchy. Gear shifting and operation immediately became smooth. Four (4) years later, and the gearbox is still in service. Use of AW10 in one of their engines resulted in a noticeable increase in oil pressure.

Landcruiser Troopcarrier 1994 Diesel

(R. Leighton). Troopy is fitted with an aftermarket turbo. Power was evaluated on his regular test hill. Starting at 1400 RPM at the base, applying full power the Troopy would make 1600 RPM at the top. With AW10 in the engine, an average 1850 RPM was achieved at the top.

Roger Debels

Just a note to let you know that my '85 diesel Lcruiser with 434,000 on the clock has a new lease on life after FOC treatment + AW10 added to engine, both diffs, transfer and gearbox + cleanpower in the fuel.

Heaps more power, more low down torque, more RPM, less fuel, heaps less noise, no more smoke and very smooth gear changes - Great stuff, will be highly recommending to family and friends.
Cheers, Roger. PS - added AW10 to mower and 2 stroke Stihl snipper - what a difference :)

R Model Mack

(J. Murphy QLD). The 12 speed overdrive gearbox was notchy to change, and the gearstick would vibrate and rattle. AW10 took all the vibration out of it, and it is now quieter and smoother to change.

Caterpillar D9 Final Drives are notorious for running hot. AW10 reduces operating temperature markedly.

5-6% in efficiency. Ph 02 6274 1125

Peter Flay

Volvo Truck. AW10 made the engine quieter, and more powerful. And, according to Peter, "It seemed like there was no noise, just raw power!"

Gearboxes in general

AW-10 takes the notchiness out of gear shifts, making changing a delight. Many truck gearboxes rattle at idle in neutral (eg Roadrangers, Volvos, Mitsubishis, etc). AW-10 stops the rattle!

ProTune Automotive Dyno Centre

(NSW): Dyno tests were performed on 2 vehicles to evaluate power improvement by using AW10

1986 Navara Diesel BEFORE 37kW@3100rpm; AFTER 42kW@3250rpm.Increase 13.5%

VS Commodore V6 BEFORE 96kW@5300rpm; AFTER 102kW@5400rpm.Increase 6.2%

Proving that power is improved by reducing internal frictional HP losses.

Caterpillar Grader

Was running low oil pressure in the transmission. AW10 restored full oil pressure, by providing a massive boost to the oil's load carrying ability. This reduced the frictional heat generated, so the oil didn't thin out as much. Normal oil pressure was restored, and wear rates reduced.

Two stroke engines

Outboards, chainsaws, brush cutters, mowers, bikes, go-carts, etc can get a large power increase as AW10 provides a huge load carrying benefit to reduce the frictional power losses of two stroke engines.

Roadranger Gearbox

(Chris - Holiday Enter P/L). This truck had a noisy gearbox, and gear shifting was difficult. It had a roll over bearing type noise, and was really due for a rebuild. He used AW10 in 2001. The noise disappeared in about 150km. It is still going well in 2006, and he's now heading for 5 years grace from a rebuild!