Benefits of Pre-Applying Sealant Coatings to Fastners

Supplier: Belmatic Industries
21 April, 2017

Pre-applied thread sealants are dry to handle during product assembly and chemically stable at room temperature for long shelf life.

Pre-applying sealant coatings keep your product gas or liquid tight and lower maintenance costs. Sealants are Impervious to acids, gasoline, oil, saline or water.

Epoxy Sealant 

  • Cures to form a tough insoluble plastic ?ller.
  • Ensures tight joints and good elasticity.
  • Maintains seal despite vibration, high temperature or variations in pressure.

Acrylic Sealant

  • Combination locking and sealing function.
  • High viscosity / high friction resin both seals and prevents fasteners loosening.

Wax Sealant

  • Water-tight seal under the head of the fastener, as well as on the thread.
  • Eliminates electrolysis and thread corrosion; and those annoying squeaks or rattles.
  • Ideal for self-tapping screws in exterior or underbody applications.


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