Bio steam: Steam cleaning specialists

Supplier: Bio Steam
11 August, 2017

IndustrySearch talks with Neil Hodkinson from Bio-steam on new technology and the adaption of new technology in the food processing industry.

Can you please introduce the company and what you do?

Biosteam has been around now for over 15 years, and the company supplies a variety of industries with steam cleaning equipment. Our equipment has been well used in America and Europe over the years as well as in Australia. Bio-steam’s main purpose is to supply equipment that reduces water use, reduces chemical use and therefore obviously reduce waste as well.

Everyone is concerned that the water cost (and related cleaning agents cost ) are going through the roof so the opportunity to cut cost is obviously of interest to a wide variety of different industries.


Tell us about your products

We have a number of products; steam generators, mobile steam generators, (which allows you to be completely mobile within a factory), we also have a number of belt cleaning systems, which can clean a variety of belts and we even have the ability to clean during production because for anyone with a high risk, semolina (bacteria) or bacteria growing issues, been able to clean continuously during production is always of benefit to them.


How is Bio-steam helping businesses save energy ?

There are always challenges for  companies that are trying to run longer, leaner and greener and by running a little bit longer, that means cleaning time is always compressed as well, what we  have are equipment that can be set up in ten minutes and stripped on/off in ten minutes, therefore we can actually clean production lines faster than before and with the steam equipment we are turning one litre of water into fifteen hundred litres of steam and  the consequences are equipment using only about  30 litres of water per hour. We really are saving the planet (a lot of energy) and saving a lot of time as well.