Bird Control for Vineyards

Supplier: Gason
27 May, 2010

The new Fruit-Zone netting unit makes Vineyard netting much easier

Australian grape growers have traditionally used cover and drape nets to prevent bird damage, perhaps because of the number of larger vineyards and availability of effective machines to apply these large nets.

In New Zealand both drape nets and fruit zone netting are used. Machines to apply fruit zone netting have been evolving but have relied on hydraulic drivers, Which tie up a tractor to apply and remove nets.

The Netline Netting Machine does not require hydraulics to retrieve the net, and is pulled rather than sitting on front of the tractor. This means that workers who apply the net are not tempted to work alongside the tractor wheels.

Under optimal conditions the machine can retrieve netting up to four times faster than hydraulic-driven side netting machines. It can be pulled by an ATV, Gator or even a ride-on mower. Both fruit zone netting and drape or cover netting have a place in the management of bird strike.

Drape netting is particularly good where large areas have to be covered as it is quicker to apply, suiting large organizations which have a ready workforce. Fruit zone netting is an economic and practical option for smaller vineyards and peripheral netting in larger vineyards