Cama Group - Cartoning Solutions for Bakery Industry

05 Apr 2022

One sole supplier for both packing machines and robots

Since 1981 Cama have been developing, manufacturing and installing secondary packaging machinery around the world, conceived in various configurations to meet all your special needs and requirements. We represent the ideal partner in the Bakery market sector, being able to supply both packaging machines and robots that are specifically engineered for the packaging business. Cama robotic applications feature fast, optimal and gentle-handling solutions that are proven not to damage even the most delicate products, and incorporates a Smart Vision System that optimizes the management of the product by automatically selecting products according to pre-established dimensions and arrival speed.

A complete flexible line for the bakery industry show-cases Cama’s latest Break-Through Generation (BTG) systems. The impressive features of the new BTG models are the reasons why Cama has been able to make a step change in innovation in secondary packaging machinery.

The very latest technological innovations by Cama Group mark a milestone in Research & Development, raising the standards in packaging automation.

  • Higher Hygiene Standard:
    • No hollow body;
    • No horizontal surfaces;
    • No water/dust/dirt retention;
    • No tie wraps;
    • Easily identifiable contamination;
    • Easy cleaning
  • Open Profile:
    • No bundled cabling (ICR, Integrated Cable Routing)
  • Safe, Easy Entry and Ergonomics:
    • Zero unsafe Access;
    • Increased accessibility
  • Flexible Frame and Reduced Footprint:
    • Flexible modular configuration to better suit machine and factory layout requirements;
    • Cabinet-free technology;
    • Optimization of floor space
  • Energy Saving Engineering:
    • Optimized system design and components selection to reduce energy
  • Fool-proof Size-Change parts Recognition:
    • User-friendly, fast and tool-less changeover;
    • Reduced start-up time after change over


Delta Loading Unit and Cartoning Machine

This is a complete system for handling of flow-packed crispy bread in piles into pre-glued cartons. The line, sold to a global leader in the food sector, incorporates a Cama Triaflex Delta robot top-loading unit with a high-speed continuous motion cartoner. The combined system is designed to handle 2 different product types in several loading configurations. Flowpacks are delivered up to 600 pcs/minute to the Cama line, where they are received by a vertical race track.

The Cama Delta robot picks the flow wraps and places them in the right orientation onto the conveyor of the cartoning machine. The robot creates the necessary loading pattern, giving the opportunity to handle flat and on-edge configurations, with or without product rotation within the carton. The Continuous motion cartoner side-loads the groups of flowpacks into pre-glued cartons. Speed can range, according to the different products and configuration, from 80 to 200 cartons per minute.

A key winning factor for the customer is the ability to future proof the guaranteed return on investment (ROI) through the modular construction of the line, use of off-the-shelf and standardized components, and the capability to have the addition of a second loading unit in the future – providing an easy upgrade for additional production capacity.

Versatility, reliability and ease of size change are standard components for a Cama installation. This line is a great example of Cama’s Unique Selling Proposition, providing Experience, Technology and Service with the combination of 4-axis robots and high-speed cartoners under the same hardware and software platform.


Local installation, sales and service support from our Melbourne-based team. Experienced technicians with full factory training, backed by our colleagues and headquarters in Italy.

Cama Australia is a fully-owned subsidiary of Cama Group: contact us today to discuss your packaging needs.