Case Study: Riverstone Water Tanks – Meat Rendering Plant

Supplier: Rhino Linings
20 October, 2011

Water conservation and recycling in today’s environment is a must for local industry.

Project: Concrete Tank Restoration
Category: Waterproofing
Completion Date: March 2008
Product: RhinoGuard 2195
Dealer: Rhino Linings Westside, Sydney NSW

Job Description:

This industry was using large amounts of fresh water daily for cleaning purposes, which meant that onsite storage was a necessity.

Monitoring these storage tanks found that both water tanks were leaking quite badly below the ground. As a result, Rhino Linings Westside was contracted to address the problem.

Being in a confined space, preplanning, control measures and preparation for spraying was imperative.

All concrete substrate imperfections were treated; the tank was then primed and sprayed with RhinoGuard 2195 providing a seamless, waterproof chemical resistant lining thereby extending the life of the tank for years to come.