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Closure of Toyota and Holden in Australia

05 October, 2017

Toyota's auto assembly plant closed on 3 October 2017 with Holden soon to follow.

"The closure of Toyota’s auto assembly plant today with Holden soon to follow represents sad and difficult times for many while at the same time welcome opportunities are opening up for manufacturing in the State and Australia," Australian Industry Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox said.

"The impact directly on workers will be significant and we recognise the need to ensure as many as possible find new jobs. Around 1,700 businesses and their employees are directly involved in the automotive and motor vehicle manufacturing supply chain across Australia (as of June 2016). Some will be closing, many are already moving into other markets or products. All will feel the loss of assembly capabilities.

"Fortunately, there is a high level of interest from employers wanting to make the most of their skills in an industry that has had a reputation for developing its people. Many former auto employees have been in high demand across Australian manufacturing, both for their technical skills as well as their understanding of how to design, run and maintain efficient manufacturing processes.

"Both Toyota and Holden should be congratulated on their efforts to help their workers transition to new opportunities and the exemplary way in which they are managing the closures. 

"Manufacturing overall has been performing well in Australia for some time and the industry has a strong future and growing need for the sorts of highly skilled workers the auto sector has produced,” Willox said. 

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Diarmuid Hannigan | Thursday, October 5, 2017, 1:00 AM
Well we can always hope and pray and try to believe in what the lawyers who run this country say. But underneath it all we all know when the time comes they will just get in their planes and run away. They will have turned a first world nation into an impoverished state without the capacity to gainfully employ its citizens who are now drowning in debt caused by a manufactured housing bubble created to fill the pockets of non productive bureaucrats, greedy bankers and an unaccountable judiciary.