Collapsible soil road in WA receives PolyCom treatment

A busy tourist access road in Western Australia presents ongoing maintenance and safety issues. The council has identified Australian-made polymer binder PolyCom Stabilising Aid as the solution.

Simply avoiding the use of highly erodible materials is often considered too high a cost in locations where resources are scarce. As a result, constructing roads to survive traffic and variable weather from erodible material is always challenging.

With 150mm of loose Pindan sand-clay material, the road surface on this popular tourist access route is prone to blow outs.

Fortunately, an application of PolyCom has afforded the council signficant savings.

One month after PolyCom treatment, tests on the load-bearing capacity of the road revealed a high CBR.

One month later, testing revealed increased pavement strengths and improved surface integrity despite regular traffic and some wet weather.

Continued monitoring of the pavement performance by the council has proved the road to remain serviceable in both summer and winter conditions.

For remote communities, PolyCom is a simple and inexpensive method of obtaining an enhanced unsealed pavement with greatly reduced maintenance and cost.

Find out more at Photos supplied by Betta Roads, WA.

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